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I would pull out a black dress with some sequins or other embellishments on it or an evening tux with a lace or beaded tank for that event. Or is this doping? I went cold turkey, but I broke my fast earlier, around 12 pm. Spendy, but I found a few on poshmark. Office manager positions are known to receive more complaints than compliments regardless of how hard you try!

Sarees. Saree is the graceful drapery that determines the cultural heritage of India. This beautiful yard is a wardrobe essential in every Indian woman’s closet with its abrupt radiance when it is draped around and brings out a stunning outlook.
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I eat super healthy, but I think too much. Plus too little activity with long hours, sedentary job. For the IF vets, what book or other resources did you read if any before starting?

Any recommended sources of information? And, did you start cold turkey? Or probably more my style: Spoonful of peanut butter? I eat a little something before the gym and a big breakfast after. Maybe I should have a big snack around like 4 and skip dinner? I work out in the evenings, so skipping breakfast is a no brainer for me. I did IF when I used to train in the morning.

But I could see how maybe slowly pushing back your first meal of the day could be easier if you are one that has to eat super early. I started cold turkey. I am a huge fan of IF and I do the schedule. The hardest thing for me was giving up my morning latte. I just listened to a Jillian Michaels podcast in which she recommended half a banana plus coffee before an early morning workout so you might try this, although it seems the egg or PB would be better for satiety.

It helped to distract myself as much as possible and be as crazy-productive in the morning as I could. As for disordered eating, I have a bad history of that, but IF helps, not hurts.

Go to dinner at 6;30 or 7? I mean, you can be social without putting things in your mouth. Is it really that unfathomable? Oh I forget people eat that early! I mean even my work dinners start at 8. Where do you live? I mean the experts have been saying for years that you should stop eating by 8. Plus if you have to be at work by 9, idk how you can go out to dinner at 8 and still get 8 hours of sleep. I mean, I usually eat dinner around 5 or 6 after work at home, not out.

I worked and lived in NYC for several years and we always went out to eat after work — 6: Not full of tourists. I guess I am old and suburban but it has been years since I made dinner reservations for 8 or later. The best thing about IF is that you can push around the hours of fasting to accommodate planned outings, things in your schedule etc.

But also, I think people that work late forget that 6: I generally work from about 7 a. So I think my goal will be to make my 8 hours from That gives me 3 hours between last meal and bed, which helps me sleep better. I am going to start slowly by delaying any food until as late in the morning as possible — likely ten a. This does mean I have to eat pretty much as soon as I get home, but this is something I generally do anyway, as I am starving, and do a lot of cooking on the weekends to have some good choices ready to heat up lots of soups, salads, grilled chicken and steak, quiche, etc.

Really looking forward to finding out if it has the same benefits for me as I have read about — not only weight loss, but mental clarity and energy. Could always use more of those. To answer your questions, I highly recommend reading Dr.

Reddit also has a great IF page for beginners to help you with the basics. There is also a very intense but extremely helpful page called lean gains one word in which the founder has a lot of great articles on the benefits of IF, how to start, etc. He also advocates working out in the morning and not breaking our fast until noon or later. Personally, what works best for me is eating between 1: Sometimes I eat dinner by 7 pm, so the window is even shorter. I went cold turkey, but I broke my fast earlier, around 12 pm.

I drink black tea in the morning and now that I have been doing this for so long, I cheat and add milk. I eat a hearty late lunch, a snack around 4 pm, and then a hearty dinner. I work out in the evenings, almost always to a 25 minute Fitness Blender video.

Then I relax and go to bed. The most immediate benefits were the weight loss. That weight melted off within 2 weeks. I also added strength training for the first time, and my physique has changed for the better, so much so that I think I have a better figure now at 40 than I did when I was I eat chocolate, drink wine, all that good stuff. Also, I love how IF is so flexible. You can always break your fast at a later time the next day, or break your fast at the usual time and just chalk it up to having fun.

Definitely read Obesity Code. It explains IF and helped me stay motivated. At work I drink only green tea without sweeteners or milk. I love Lipton green tea which has natural flavors of orange, passionfruit and jasmine. I did a month of IF with my block being I have been doing IF for about a month now. I am a person who needs to eat breakfast. I had tried not eating in the morning, and it did NOT work for me. So I changed my times for IF to 8: So basically, I eat while at work.

I pack my breakfast, snacks, and lunch, so I know I am eating semi-healthy food. It has helped me lose weight. I did not exercise the first week because my body was getting adjusted to it, and I just could not manage it. What I found was that I was not really hungry at night.

I was more thirsty and eating junk was simply a bad habit. The toughest day was on the third day. One of my colleagues had forewarned me about this, so I was prepared to stick it out. Then after that, it got easier. I have put back in cardio workouts 3x a week now in the evenings. I am very happy with the benefits: I would recommend adjusting the times that fit your schedule and lifestyle.

It got rid of my hormonal cystic acne. I still had some smaller non-cystic ones, so my derm started me on a retinoid topical too. Acne free now, for the first time since I was I started getting severe acne on my cheeks, chin, back, and chest at the beginning of this year after I went off birth control. Help me find a unicorn maxi dress?

I just want a nice casual dress! Or depending on how tall you are, they had a ton of regular length ones. I like the Lands End maxi dresses in petite. I do wear a cami underneath for a little extra coverage. This style looks super flattering on me. Listed as nightgowns, but suitable for loungewear, imo. And this was all true so I was just answering the question. Something specific about planner or notebooks, something person vs.

I mean, what did the AAM answer have to say? If there was a post with the question, then there was probably an answer, right? They are likely more interested in your thought process about organization than your exact method.

And I think that can include both your approach to organizing your own tasks and workflow, as well as that of others — especially if you are interviewing for a role that includes some management component or significant collaboration. If you enjoy jazz, I think Copenhagen is having their Jazz festival right now.

Amass restaurant is excellent, as is the Copenhagen Street Food. If not planned already, Malmo Sweden is a short bus ride away and a good day trip. Any advice from those who have been through this? Honestly, there is nothing else to do. Keep her away from the males, protect your furniture, and otherwise keep to a normal schedule. During their heat cycle which is the only time they can become pregnant , there can be light bleeding on and off nothing like a normal human flow, though.

Hence the puppy panties — easier than covering all the sofas, rolling up all the rugs, etc. Are you interested in breeding your dog for others, for yourself?

We have no intention of breeding her and never have had a desire. The only downside is you have to deal with the disruption of a heat cycle for the household: My fantastic vet has good advice — and I usually follow it.

Seems to have been effective. Not recommending, just thought others might enjoy the mental image of a St. Bernard in Daisy Dukes: Does anyone have a weekender bag that they love? Vera Bradley weekender on Amazon.

For a weekender, I like the Catalina or Catalina Deluxe. I use a Longchamp nylon tote. For longer trips nights I have the Ebag junior weekender backpack. It works great as a carry on.

I bought the Le Sac Weekend bag and love it. Definitely in your price range too. Hmm interesting because most of the other guests I know that are going are all wearing long dresses, which is why I asked. I think this may be regional. I would pull out a black dress with some sequins or other embellishments on it or an evening tux with a lace or beaded tank for that event.

Add strappy heels and you are good to go! I had a cousin who put that on his invitation purely so that my uncle would wear a suit. Thanks for all the Replys. I love long dresses too, so I enjoy pulling them out for these events.

What part of the country are you in? In your shoes, if I had a long dress I would wear it but would not buy one if not. This is directly opposite what I see recommended here all the time, so mostly sharing to confirm that your circle may be more like mine. I need a script for a pushy mom who thinks that our good fortune should automatically extend to her. Now that sounds terrible, but let me explain.

I grew up pretty solidly lower middle-class, which meant we had all the basics but no money for extras…like vacations. Fast forward to now, and The Husband has done very well, and with me going back to work, our HHI is higher than I would have ever thought of at this stage. We have a large family — four children — and our vacations are generally of the type where we go and rent a large house or villa.

Last vacation was to the Florida Keys, where we stayed for ten days. Leave them home and just the adults go! You can afford it. She sulked when I said no and asked her to suggest something else. Her and my husband get along decently, but cracks start to show about 3 days into a 7 day visit. No way could that keep up long term and us stay married.

She keeps bringing it up. Honestly I would just respond by ignoring the ask, like literally breeze past the comment as if she never made it. Also, stop talking to her about your vacations until after they happen, and about your purchases in general. Information starvation works pretty well. I also come from a similar background and make good money, but dont yet have the family and kids. My mom is similar and I can see her being very much like this down the road.

She always wants me to buy meals outs, get good gifts, take her on vacation with me and my sister, etc.

I get annoyed and have similar feelings like you, but I just suck it up. On mobile so this will be brief, but stick to two main points: You need to draw your own boundaries around telling her these things. My mistake in saying anything at all, to be honest. I have boundary issues with my mom and the best way to handle it is just not tell her a damn thing.

That just seems so patently unreasonable to me. This sounds like a tough situation. Just change the subject. Some of my discomfort at the asks are because my husband makes about three times as much money as I do. Frankly, if she feels that way, she feels that way. You can just keep saying no, and refuse to feel bad for doing it. You are not a bad person for not taking your mom on vacation or buying her an iPhoneX!! You can only control what you do and the boundaries that you put up.

That sounds really frustrating. How do you think it would go if you were really direct with her about it? Please do not let anyone, here or elsewhere, guilt you into complying with her intrusive and inappropriate requests. I was going to jump in and say to set boundaries, but I really like the ignoring advice offered, too. I might use that line with her. Thanks for tolerating it. Just ignore her comments and go on with your business. Your finances are not her business, whether you are up to your eyeballs in debt to buy that car or whether you paid for it in cash because you were frugal and drove your last car into the ground.

Do not cave to the guilt trip! You say she has never gone on a vacation with you….. Considering she could never afford vacations with you like this when you were a child, and she probably dreamed about them her whole life too, have you ever thought of including her? I was a little surprised you said you have never included her.

Not even when you? Are there other Mom issues going on, or is it just the pushing for gifts? Was she a bad Mom? But usually that is only if they have had a very good relationship or a strong cultural tradition of this.

I also agree with minimizing your discussion of your vacations with her, as clearly she feels a little excluded and envious. It is what it is. But if she otherwise lives frugally and was a good Mom and loves your kids, I would try to bite my tongue and try to go with the flow. But definitely be clear with her about whether she can live with you as a retiree, if she is close to that stage. But be kind, if possible…. Yes, I agree with this.

My MIL is the same way — she never went anywhere much when she was younger, now she has an insatiable desire to see the world. She also wants all the gifts, jewels, etc. We have made it clear to her that there are places that we want to go just with us and our kids. However, we have invited her along with us several times and she is happy and it feeds her need to go places. She is your mother, as you say. Not inviting her even once seems harsh to me. Or you know, we internet strangers can do that too.

Your mom is wrong. Oh lord you have no idea how much I needed to hear your first sentence. I am very grateful to you all for giving me a voice on this and not judging me for sounding stingy or cheap or not wanting to share. Moms have the market on guilt cornered. Preusmably, my mother raised me to be a good, productive human, and to be self-sufficient. I am all of those things, so anything else is icing on the cake.

If you want to, of course, do so! At what point does that stop, though? I have a mom and stepmom, and husband has a mom and a stepmom. Chinese Blouses come in rich gem colours and light pastel colours meaning that no matter what the season, a Chinese Blouse would easily compliment your look. Whether you want casual office wear or a more dressy option, the wide variety of blouses available mean that there's something for everyone. Feel exuberant when you don one of our exquisitely unique designs.

Our designs can be classically elegant even when paired with a pair of jeans or a simple skirt. I just wanted to thank you!! Thank you so much for your personal attention and help in getting them here in time.

Have a great Day! They look so beautiful as window treatments. Thank you so much for all your help and I will be sure to order from you in the future!!! Subscribe to be notified first on promotions. Good Orient is a trusted by: GoodOrient has them all. The cheongsam is a female dress with distinctive Chinese features and enjoys a growing popularity in the international world of high fashion.

Easy to slip on and comfortable to wear, the cheongsam fits well the female Chinese figure. How to Measure Saree Blouse. Important Notes while taking measurement: Keep Measurement tape firm, but not tight. Ask someone to assist you while taking measurement. Measure the fullest part of your bust while keeping the measurement tape a bit loose. Sensible colors and excellent designs and romantic moods are reflected with an alluring style. Get the simplicity and grace with this red silk classic saree.

This attire is showing some really mesmerizing and innovative patterns embroidered with embroidered work. Comes with matching blouse. Model images are only representative. Get worldwide Express Shipping Value for Money. Shop Online and Pickup at Store. More Detail The first wash of the garment should always be Dry-Cleaned.

Designer Blouse shown in the Image may not be the part of standard product The shades may vary slightly from the colors displayed on your screen. The bright shade seen is the best closer view of fabric's color The Products Shown on the website are not the part of Display at our Store. Blouse which is shown on model is only for modeling purpose. Every saree comes with unstitched blouse, if you need stitched blouse then we can provide to you as per your given measurement and stitching charges will be applicable in such case.

Udnderskirt Petticoat will not come with saree but if you need then we can provide you. If you need shimmer petticoat then extra charges will be applicable.

Heavy embroidered saree will come with unstitched blouse and that blouse will be one side embroidered. Embroidered part can be placed as per your choice whether you need it on front or back.

If you need side opening, in such case embroidered part can be placed as per your choice. Ready to wear saree provides easy way to drape the saree.

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